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Immigrant Coalitions Step Forward with NPNA Family Protection Network

WASHINGTON – The National Partnership for New Americans (NPNA) condemns President Donald Trump’s tweet threatening the destruction of “millions” of immigrant families through cruel and unnecessary deportations by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). The threat came on the eve of President Trump’s re-election announcement tonight in Orlando, FL.

 “The timing of this threat makes it appear that destroying families and separating children from their parents is a campaign tactic for this president,” said  Joshua Hoyt, Executive Director of the National Partnership for New Americans. “This is inhumane and un-American. Many of these immigrants have mixed families of residents, non-residents, and citizens within one family. A massive crackdown will cause harm to communities throughout this nation.” 

“NPNA and its more than 37 regional immigrant and refugee rights member organizations in 31 states have created a Family Protection Network, providing the most extensive immigrant rights legal network in the country. With 150 attorneys and legal staff across the nation, NPNA will work to actively teach immigrant families how to protect themselves, use all of their legal rights to avoid deportation, and ensure that our immigrant families and communities are prepared.” 

“As an organization, we are appalled by any misuse of federal resources to crack down on individuals who are contributing to society by waking up every day and going to school, working to support their families and paying taxes. We will not back down, and we plan to help immigrants resist this massive abuse of power by preparing rapid response teams and legal assistance on the ground,” Hoyt said.

The National Partnership for New Americans, a national, multiethnic, multiracial partnership of immigrants and refugee rights organizations across 31 states who work to promote citizenship and integration among our diverse immigrant and refugee communities for the benefit of all Americans.
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