NPNA Applauds Biden Administration’s Strong Start on Immigration; Urges Important Next Steps to Uplift Immigrants and Refugees

Today, President Joe Biden is expected to issue a series of executive actions that aim to expand access to citizenship and re-establish the United States as a nation of refuge that treats newcomers humanely, regardless of the circumstances of their arrival to our borders and shores. The actions also include reviewing all barriers to citizenship and legal immigration, including the public charge rule; taking steps towards streamlining the naturalization process; and establishing a Task Force of New Americans, within the White House, to coordinate a federal policy to include immigrants. The actions signaled a much-needed rejection of the cruel policies instituted by the previous administration and pave a path for meaningful and sustainable improvements to America’s immigration policy. 

On Inauguration Day, Immigrant Rights Advocates Are Ready for Reform

As we celebrate a peaceful transition of power after weeks of unrest, the National Partnership for New Americans (NPNA) network extends its sincerest congratulations to soon-to-be President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris. The inauguration of Harris, in particular, as a Black woman and a first-generation new American of Jamaican and South Asian heritage, is a significant moment in American history. Her story is the story of the American Dream and shatters the glass ceiling for so many women of color across the country as she becomes our first woman Vice President and first Vice President of color.

Biden/Harris Win White House as Diverse New American Voter Electorate Exercises Powerful Voice 

New American voters had a massive impact on the 2020 election, exercising a powerful electoral voice in many politically important states across the country like Arizona, Nevada, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Michigan, and Wisconsin. Organizing efforts carried out nationwide by the immigrant and refugee rights movement have helped millions to naturalize and exercise their new rights as citizens. Today we celebrate our communities’ strong civic engagement and commitment to democracy and justice. The number of naturalized citizens, along with U.S.-born voters from Black and Brown communities, proved critical in determining the next president.