Refugee Advocates Launch Opportunity for All Campaign on the Eve of Muslim, Refugee and African Ban Anniversary

On the eve of the four-year anniversary of the announcement of the Muslim, refugee and African Ban, which was just rescinded by President Joe Biden following his inauguration last week, We Are All America and its partners are launching the national “Opportunity for All” campaign, led by former refugees, asylees, and immigrants. The vibrant campaign is designed to shift social, political, and economic conditions so that refugees and other new arrivals can achieve their full potential and ensure that the United States remains a nation of opportunity for those seeking freedom, safety, and refuge.

NPNA Condemns Historically Low Refugee Resettlement Allotment for FY2021

NPNA Condemns Historically Low Refugee Resettlement Allotment for FY2021 National coalition calls on our elected officials to live up to our nation’s values of refuge and welcoming   WASHINGTON – Today, the Trump administration signed a Presidential Determination slashing refugee admissions to the United States to just 15,000 individuals for Fiscal Year 2021. This historically…

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Coalition of Immigrant Rights Groups Outraged Over Historically Low Refugee Resettlement Allotment

WASHINGTON – Yesterday, the Trump administration sent a report to Congress proposing a refugee admission cap of just 15,000 for fiscal year 2021. This historically low number is unprecedented during any presidential administration, undercutting the administration’s previous record low of 18,000 for fiscal year 2020. To date, the Trump administration has failed to meet its own goal, having only admitted approximately half of the 18,000 people allotted.