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WASHINGTON – Today Refuge for Families, a transnational coalition which aims to find meaningful solutions to the plight of Central Americans fleeing their homeland, released a statement regarding comments made by President Donald Trump this morning on Twitter. In the tweet, he promised to raise tariffs on products coming from Mexico in response to Mexican officials’ approach to dealing with immigrants reaching the U.S. border.

“This latest Twitter rant is nothing more than grandstanding and bullying from a president who is used to using immigration as a distraction from his political troubles. The truth is that human beings – moms, dads, children – are fleeing their countries because of real catastrophes, but this administration refuses to see the humanity in these individuals.  The real issue is that people see no alternative but to flee their own countries because of the dire situation facing them. Raising tariffs in Mexico will do nothing to solve this problem. In fact, it could exacerbate the situation by putting pressure on Mexico, which is already seeing a straining of its resources to deal with the fallout of Trump’s cruel and illegal policies. Refuge for Families is urgently calling for a collaborative effort to address underlying problems in the nations of northern Central America. Clearly, there needs to be a bi-partisan legislative negotiation and compromise, not strongman bullying.”

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Friday, May 21, 2019
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