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Our Trainings

NPNA trainings focus on developing the leadership of immigrant community leaders.

Community Navigators

Community Navigators (or promotores) are community members who receive specialized training to provide quality immigration services for their communities. Community Navigators are liaisons between their community, legal service providers, social service organizations, and government representatives. They are often advocates, educators, mentors, and interpreters.

In the past two years, NPNA has trained over 9,400 Navigators to be on the front lines, educating their communities on their rights, strategies for deportation defense, and available forms of immigration relief. Navigators help us scale trusted information sharing and service delivery, and allow the limited supply of lawyers in the field to practice “at the top of their expertise.”

Facing a new political reality, NPNA is focused on protecting our communities across the country. We have built out our training program to include trainings on local legal defense fund models, working with local consulates and other partners, family preparation and planning, asset protection, and screening to identify other forms of relief. These additional trainings supplement our ongoing Know Your Rights, deportation defense, and naturalization work with Navigators.

NPNA developed the Community Navigator Training Program in partnership with the Committee for Immigration Reform Implementation.

Community Driven Legal Services

NPNA aims to build the capacity of our member organizations to deliver community-driven legal services. Since our founding, the NPNA network has grown from five organizations with legal capacity to 26 with either Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) Recognition or attorneys on staff. Another six groups are in the process of becoming BIA Recognized. NPNA also holds 40 hour immigration Law Trainings across the nation growing the legal service and training capacity across our regions.