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WASHINGTON – National Partnership for New Americans (NPNA) condemns the federal court’s decision today that stops the Biden administration from following CDC’s recommendation on ending Title 42 by May 23. This decision only serves to harm vulnerable migrants seeking protection. NPNA urges the Biden administration to remain firm in its goal to restore access to asylum for people seeking refuge at our borders, oppose any legislation that would keep Title 42 in place, and establish a welcoming framework at the border. 

The following statement comes from Nicole Melaku, executive director of NPNA.

“NPNA is outraged that Title 42 will remain in place and violate the human rights of people, including vulnerable families, children, and individuals fleeing torture and persecution, who are seeking asylum and other forms of humanitarian relief. Title 42 was always about denying the human right to seek asylum. We call on the administration to appeal this disastrous decision and seek to end Title 42 by other means, like the regulation-making process, while continuing to defend its decision to restore asylum protections in court. And we also call on the administration to take other measures, entirely within its legal authority, to expand asylum, such as increasing protections for survivors of domestic and gang violence and those fleeing environmental disasters, and granting Temporary Protected Status to nations in a nondiscriminatory manner.”