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Join is in Las Vegas, NV Oct 3-6 for the National Immigrant Integration Conference. 


 Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris address for NIIC on December 8, 2020 with her first remarks on immigration since the historic November 2020 election.  



Launched by NPNA in 2008, the National Immigrant Integration Conference: New American Dreams (NIIC) is the largest conference on immigration and refugee issues in the U.S. It is the hub for and plays a central role in the powerful, diverse and broad immigrant and refugee rights and integration fields.

NIIC encapsulates NPNA’s commitment to an inclusive democracy that welcomes, integrates and uplifts all refugees and immigrants, recognizing the vital contributions and impact they have on our nation. NIIC annually convenes over 1,000 policymakers and advocates, service providers and practitioners, academics and researchers, corporate and community leaders, faith and labor leaders, and funders, thought leaders, culture makers and activists from across the country, as well as a cohort of international partners from Canada, Mexico and Europe.

The conference provides a generative, collegial space for participants to learn from and inspire one another; uplift and share ideas, information, strategies and innovations; develop and enhance relationships; amplify shared values; and build campaigns and collaborations. It is an important space for both leaders and organizations, draws prominent national thought and policy leaders, and strengthens collaborative efforts and partnerships that power work at the local, regional and national level all year round. NIIC is anchored by several leadership teams, including a group of National and Regional Partners, a national Steering Committee, cohort of Endorsing Organizations, and Program Planning teams; typically, more than 70 organizations are involved across these entities.  

To help reach diverse audiences and make NIIC accessible to leaders all across the country, NIIC is hosted in a different region each year. Since its inception, NIIC has been hosted in AZ, CA, CO, FL, IL, MA, MD, NY, TN, VA and WA and more than 13,600 have attended; in 2021 due to Covid, NIIC went fully online. NIIC typically runs for three days, includes several Main Stage Plenary sessions, 30-60 breakout sessions organized in 10-15 Issue Area Tracks, numerous peer-led Affinity Group Caucuses, Performances, Film Screenings, Author Talks, an Expo and more. The conference annually features more than 175 Speakers — including notable policy makers and influencers, advocates and culture shapers.

To see the full NIIC website which includes photos, videos and registration information click here.