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CONTACT: Melissa Stek,

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Yesterday, a federal court blocked the Biden administration’s latest asylum ban, a decision that upholds the United States’ legal obligation and longstanding commitment to providing refuge to those fleeing violence and persecution. The ruling comes after arguments were heard on July 19 in the lawsuit East Bay Sanctuary Covenant v. Biden, which was filed this spring after the Biden administration implemented the new asylum restrictions that made people ineligible for asylum and mirrored the previous administration’s “entry” and “transit” bans—policies that were also struck down as unlawful by federal courts. 

The National Partnership for New Americans (NPNA), a leading coalition of immigration and refugee advocates from across the nation, applauds the court’s decision. 

Said NPNA Executive Director Nicole Melaku, “We are relieved and grateful that the court ruled to block the Biden administration from implementing this cruel asylum ban, which is a death sentence for displaced people seeking safety and betrays our nation’s longstanding commitment to welcome those in need of refuge. This asylum ban—both Trump’s version and now Biden’s version—is not only illegal, but it undermines the human right to seek asylum and pursue a life of dignity. NPNA is committed to building inclusive communities, keeping families together, and creating a welcoming infrastructure for refugees and asylum seekers; in keeping his own stated promises and values, we expect the Biden administration to do the same. We urge President Biden to stop defending this illegal policy, and to instead restore and strengthen an asylum process that protects the rights and dignity of all people coming to the United States in pursuit of safety.”


NPNA’s mission is to create an accessible immigration system by advancing immigrant equity and inclusion policies, expanding immigration legal services, and increasing civic participation. For more information on the National Partnership for New Americans and the Naturalize Now Campaign, visit their website at