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Family Protection Network


The National Partnership for New Americans (NPNA) Family Protection Network is the largest immigrant rights legal services network in the country built of 35 member organizations across 37 states with a combined legal staff of 150 attorneys and Department of Justice (DOJ) accredited representatives that serve over 320,000 immigrants and refugees each year. The Family Protection Network coordinates resources, trains and empowers immigrant leaders, builds legal service capacity across the immigrant rights field, advances advocacy campaigns for legal services, and activates its infrastructure to respond to urgent ramp-ups on enforcement with a unified message to ensure that our communities are organized, educated and protected.

Community Navigator Training and Resources

A key strategy in getting immigration legal services to scale has been the “Community Navigator” model. By creating targeted training content for hard-to-reach communities, the network trains trusted immigrant leaders to disseminate important information on legal services and policies to their communities. This leadership development strategy has also been instrumental in winning campaigns to advance local, state and federal pro immigrant policies.

Our Work and Resources

Motivated by the large gap in reputable immigration attorneys, NPNA has expanded the number of legal practitioners providing immigration legal services ranging from citizenship to deportation defense. The Family Protection Network is comprised of over 150 “community lawyers” and DOJ accredited staff, and has built strategic partnerships with pro-bono attorneys, private law firms and national partners to increase legal services for all.

Access To Justice National & Regional Advocacy

Access to Justice (A2J) legislation ensures everyone has access to legal information and services as it relates to one’s freedom, well being and dignity. The Family Protection Network creates a space for peer-to-peer learning from those who have won A2J locally, collaboration with national partners moving past and current campaigns that have won public resources for legal services and universal representation with expertise and winning strategies from across the country.