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The National Partnership for New Americans (NPNA) and the Vera Institute of Justice – together with a broad-based and diverse coalition of partners are launching a federal legislative campaign to guarantee the universal right to legal representation for individuals whose life, liberty, or ties to the community are at risk in the immigration system. There is currently no right to a lawyer for people in immigration proceedings who face the devastating consequences of immigration enforcement, including detention and deportation. As a result, most people who cannot afford an attorney – including an estimated 70 percent of those in immigration detention – are left to fend for themselves in navigating the complexities of immigration law while facing highly-trained government attorneys. To help advance this campaign, Vera and NPNA will convene and mobilize a broad coalition of local, state, and national partners who support the movement for universal representation. In addition to key national entities, the campaign will engage state and local organizations and jurisdictions. Together, we will build a campaign that centers the voices of those directly impacted by immigration enforcement, promotes racial equity, and advances a vision of justice that centers people and human dignity above all.