After four years of sharp attacks on immigrants, refugees, and asylum seekers under the previous administration, and with New American Voters contributing to the record Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) voter turnout, we’re ready for full immigrant inclusion. NPNA’s We’re Ready campaign is a vehicle for communicating an affirmative, solutions focused vision in this new era. Through this campaign our network will advocate and implement full immigrant inclusion at federal, state and local levels. This campaign will focus on the following pillars:

Changing the Narrative on Immigrants and Refugees

Federal Policy: New Deal for New Americans Act

Economic Recovery: COVID-19 Relief & Beyond

NPNA Family Protection Network: Immigration Legal Services

NPNA’s Vibrant and Inclusive Democracy for All (VIDA) platform has been reintroduced in Congress as the New Deal for New Americans Act!

On Wednesday February 24, 2021, New Deal for New Americans Act was reintroduced in the 117th Congress. NDNA is sponsored by U.S. Representatives Grace Meng (NY); Jesús García (IL), and Pramila Jayapal (WA) and Sens. Ed Markey (MA) and Mazie Hirono (HI) and presents a blueprint for transforming the federal government’s approach to immigrant inclusion and integration. 

As the Biden administration and Congress consider long overdue changes to our nation’s immigration system, provisions in the New Deal for New Americans act would help to achieve meaningful and equitable reform by building a lasting infrastructure for federal leadership on immigrant inclusion; removing roadblocks to citizenship for eligible residents; promoting workforce development, English access and due process for newcomers and reestablishing the U.S. as a nation of refuge.

The New Deal for New Americans Act will help build a more welcoming and inclusive society, eliminate roadblocks to citizenship for eligible residents, protect due process, and grow our shared prosperity.


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What the New Deal for New Americans Act Will Do:

Eliminate Roadblocks to Citizenship for Eligible Residents

Tears down the “Second Wall” of obstacles to U.S. citizenship and voting rights that favor the privileged and wealthy. Application fees are frozen, processing backlogs reduced and naturalization is made accessible and affordable for all, including the working poor and elderly, with a $50 application fee and more generous fee waivers for all applications. Automatic voter registration is made available on a voluntary basis after the oath ceremony to newly naturalized citizens.

Foster A Welcoming and Inclusive Society

Mandates a National Office on New Americans to lead a federal immigrant and refugee inclusion and integration strategy coordinated with state and local governments and community stakeholders.

Invest in Shared Prosperity

Launches federally funded programs for English language learning and workforce development to build the skills of immigrants and refugees and prepare our diverse workforce for better jobs that support families and help grow our economy.

Strengthen Due Process

Immigrants and refugees seeking freedom and refuge would have a fair opportunity to defend their legal right to stay here by accessing comprehensive legal services, from attorneys and accredited representatives to “Community Navigators” (community leaders who support individuals through the immigration system) and “know-your-rights” education.

Champion America as a Refuge

Updates and fortifies our resettlement programs so that refugees and their families may live in dignity. Refugee admissions are raised to a minimum of 110,000.

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