NPNA Applauds Reversal of Civics Test, Urges USCIS to Move on Backlog and Naturalize 2 Million by 2022

Today, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) announced that it was reversing a controversial civics test that the Trump administration put in place just weeks before it left office. The 2020 civics test was condemned by advocates as a ploy to keep citizenship out of reach for those with limited English proficiency, was criticized for being formulated with limited community and expert input, as well as for featuring inaccurate questions and answers. One such question indicated that members of Congress only represent citizens and not the entirety of their districts, including undocumented people or immigrants of other statuses.

Naturalized Voters Overwhelmingly Reject Anti-Immigrant Trump Administration, Rely on President-elect Biden to Deliver Real Reform

As part of the New American Voters 2020 campaign, the National Partnership for New Americans (NPNA) joined Latino Decisions in a teleconference to breakdown the latest voting data from the Latino Decision’s American Election Eve Poll, and discuss the impact of Latino, Asian American and other newly naturalized citizen communities on the outcomes in politically important states such as Arizona, Florida, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

NPNA Condemns Historically Low Refugee Resettlement Allotment for FY2021

NPNA Condemns Historically Low Refugee Resettlement Allotment for FY2021 National coalition calls on our elected officials to live up to our nation’s values of refuge and welcoming   WASHINGTON – Today, the Trump administration signed a Presidential Determination slashing refugee admissions to the United States to just 15,000 individuals for Fiscal Year 2021. This historically…

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