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Across the country, NPNA organizations are leading efforts on proactive immigrant inclusion policies at the state and local level. NPNA drives a national immigrant inclusion strategy that reflects our network priorities and vision toward full inclusion.

NPNA is currently advancing its federal policy objectives of expanding access to citizenship and immigration legal services, cultivating shared economy prosperity through workforce development and English language courses, and welcoming asylum seekers and refugees. NPNA is doing this by building support for its landmark legislation, the New Deal for New Americans Act (NDNA), seeking to get NDNA provisions into other pieces of federal legislation such as the U.S. Citizenship Act and Build Back Better package, and getting NDNA objectives funding through the federal Congressional appropriations process. NPNA’s advocacy work also includes positively pressuring the Biden administration to make executive changes, such as significant backlog reductions, facilitating the naturalization process for those with limited English proficiency as well as those with disabilities, and revising policies and practices that contribute to processing delays, among other changes. 

Staff Contact:

Diego Iñiguez-López, Associate Director of Policy and Campaigns –