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NPNA’s Climate Justice Collaborative is working to create the transformative changes we need at the intersection of climate and immigration policy.

Immigrant communities in the US feel nearly every aspect of the climate crisis as it reshapes our economy, politics, and lives. Climate change is already one of the largest root causes of migration. Three times more people were displaced by weather-related disasters than conflict in 2021. In the United States, immigrant communities are hit first and worst by climate disasters and other impacts but are often left behind in recovery and adaptation. Immigrants also play a significant role in industries essential to preparing for and responding to the impacts of climate change, including the construction and care economy. 

The collaborative works to build the capacity of our network to engage with the climate crisis and seeks to make immigrant inclusion and migration central pillars of the climate justice movement. Currently the collaborative is focusing on three key strategies:

  • Build the capacity of NPNA’s affiliates to engage in climate justice for their communities
  • Advocate for immigrants to be centered in local, state, and national climate policy, and 
  • Develop and popularize new narratives of climate and migration

Technical Assistance and Support:

Climate Justice Collaborative staff are supporting NPNA members at all stages of engaging with the climate crisis and its impacts on our communities. Please reach out to the CJC staff below for support and technical assistance including but not limited to:

  • Popular education resources for staff and members
  • Support and resources for disaster response and recovery 
  • Technical assistance with climate or climate related policy or working with climate/environmental organizations
  • Narrative and communications support around climate impacts on immigrant communities and our inclusion in climate policy
  • Anything else in this area you need support on!

Climate Justice Collaborative Staff:

Resources and News