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[testimonial_slider autorotate=”5000″] [testimonial name=”The New York Times” quote=”People who are eligible are really feeling the urgency to get out there,” said Tara Raghuveer, deputy director of the National Partnership for New Americans, “They are worried by the prospect that someone who is running for president has said hateful things.” id=”t1″][testimonial name=”CNN” quote=”Figures from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services show a 14.5% jump in naturalization applications in June-December of 2015 compared with the same six months in the previous year.” id=”t2″][testimonial name=”Vox” quote=”The immigrant rights professionals at NIIC didn’t always respond to feel-good rhetoric about America — all three Democratic candidates praised America’s ‘nation of immigrants’ heritage in their speeches to the conference, and none got a huge ovation out of it. What the audience really responded to were policy proposals.” id=”t3″] [/testimonial_slider]

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PRI’s The World, September 15, Thousands of DACA recipients are scrambling to make the Trump administration’s ‘unworkable and cruel’ deadline. Tania Karas

Washington Post, September 9, The clock is ticking on DACA. Here’s how young immigrants and their advocates are fighting back. Maria Sacchetti

Daily Kos, July 6, Fox spreads fake news about sanctuary cities fast-tracking citizenship for undocumented immigrants. Gabe Ortiz 

Fusion, July 5, Fox News’ Grasp on Immigration Policy Is About as Sophisticated as You’d Expect. Jorge Rivas 

CityLab, July 4, The Heartland Wants More New Americans. Tanvi Misra 

CityLab Latino, July 4, En el centro de EEUU quieren más ‘nuevos estadounidenses’

El Diario NY, July 4, Opinion: Luchando por los inmigrantes el 4 de Julio. Mayor Bill deBlasio 

NextCity, July 4, Opinion: Why U.S. Cities Are Fighting to Attract Immigrants. Andrew Friedman and Tara Raghuveer

Univision, July 4, Campaña de un millón de nuevos ciudadanos en 2017 afectada por demoras en los trámites. Jorge Cancino

VICE Magazine, May 16, Resistance, Big and Small. Tara Raghuveer 

TIME, March 3, The Hateful Murder of an Indian Immigrant Is What ‘America First’ Looks Like. Tara Raghuveer

The New Yorker, January 29, The Promise of J.F.K.: The Place Where America Meets the World. Nathan Heller 

Gothamist, January 29, #NoBanNoWall Protest Today 

Newsday, January 28, 11 men held at JFK, one other released following Trump travel ban. David Olson and John Asbury

US News & World Report, January 25, Homeland Security Inspector Calls to Suspend Electronic Processing System. Nona Tepper

Public Radio International, January 16, Has a new civil rights movement already begun? Rupa Shenoy

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Times Free Press, December 11, Pineda-Loher: Diversity in Chattanooga

Knoxville News Sentinel, December 11,  Letter: America, refugees, immigrants need each other

Memphis Daily News, December 10, Keeping Diversity, Inclusion in America

Commercial Appeal, December 10, America still a welcoming land for refugees, immigrants

The Tennessean, December 9, Immigration conference held in Nashville as ‘model gateway city’

The Tennessean
, December 8, Trump administration politics embolden immigrants

Public News Service, December 8, We the People: TN Hosts Immigration Conference

The Washington Post, November 18, Immigrants fearful of what Trump deportations might do to their families

The American Bazaar, November 9, Pramila Jayapal creates history: first Indian American woman elected to US Congress

WBEZ, November 7, National Backlog will Keep Thousands of Immigrants From Voting

NBC News, October 28, Partial Fee Waivers Introduced as Cost of Filing On Immigration Applications Goes Up

Albuquerque Journal, October 25, Yes, the election is rigged, against immigrants who should be able to vote

Washington Post, October 25, Yes, the election is rigged, against immigrants who should be able to vote

lohud, October 21, Naturalization process backlogs frustrates would-be voters

Detroit Free Press, October 20, Why more Michiganders want to become U.S. citizens

Al Jazeera, October 17,  New Citizens in Florida rush to register to vote

NBC News, October 16, Naturalizations Backlog Could Keep Thousands of Immigrants From Voting

PRI, October 11, What it looks like to become a US citizen in a contentious election year

KNPR, October 10, New Citizen Applications Won’t Be Processed by Election Deadline

CCTV America, October 4, The Heat: Capturing the US Immigrant Vote

Univision, October 3, Colapso en la Oficina de Inmigracion puede dejar sin votar en las elecciones a miles de personas que pidieron la ciudadania

Fusion, October 2, Hundreds of thousands of American residents could be prevented from voting in the most important election of their lives

Hoy Los Angeles, September 30, Activistas reclaman atrasos en obtencion ciudadania y autoridades lo niegan

Think Progress, September 30, Backlog could prevent hundreds of thousands of immigrants from becoming citizens before the election

CBS SF Bay Area, September 30, Naturalization Backlog May Stop Immigrants From Voting In Key States

New York Times, September 30, Immigrants Eager to Vote Obeyed All the Rules. It Didn’t Pay.

El Diario NY, September 26, Por una vida mejor para los inmigrantes de Nueva York

Newsday,  September 24, Becoming a citizen in the era of Donald Trump

Las Vegas Sun, September 23, Citizenship applications surge in Nevada after spring of drives

Fox News Latino, September  16, Opinion: Let’s stop pricing people out of citizenship

Huffington Post, July 25, Democracy Denied: The Price Immigrants Pay to Vote

The American Prospect, July 5, Is this the Year of the Latino Voter?

Reuters, June 18, Asians, many out of shame, not seeking U.S. deportation protection

NBC News, May 12, Trump ‘Scaring People,’ Driving Up Citizenship Applications

Latin Post, May 12, ‘Stand Up to Hate” Campaign Helping Immigrants Apply for US Citizenship, Overcome Barriers in Naturalization Process

The Daily Show, May 12, Donald Trump to Thank for Increase in Latino Citizenship

Latin Opinion, May 3, USCIS reducirá tarifas de ciudadanía para inmigrantes de medianos ingresos

Wall Street Journal, April 13, If Elected, Clinton Would Create Special Office on Immigration

Foreign Policy, April 13, Clinton Announces First Federal Office of Immigrant Affairs Amid Heated New York Primary

Mic, April 13, Hillary Clinton Releases One of 2016’s Biggest Immigration Proposals Yet

CBS News, April 13, Dueling endorsements for Democrats as New York contest escalates

Latin Post, April 13, Hillary Clinton Pledges to Create National Office of Immigrant Affairs, Wins New York State Immigrant Action Fund Endorsement

Clinton Statement, April 13, Hillary Clinton Receives Endorsement of New York Immigrant Rights Coalition and Unveils New Policies to Help Immigrant Families

Politico, April 13, Clinton to push new Office of Immigrant Affairs

The Hill, April 13, Clinton to propose national Immigrant Affairs office

CNN, April 13, Clinton to propose opening an Office of Immigrant Affairs

Reuters, April 13, Clinton to propose creation of immigrant affairs office

Bay Area News Group, March 30, At Oakland swearing-in ceremony, new citizens say they hate Trump but love America

NBC News, March 20, In citizenship drives, Latinos sign up to vote against Trump

Al Jazeera, March 18, Seeking citizenship to vote against Trump

CNN, March 17, Latinos line up to get citizenship and stop Trump

BBC Mundo, March 16, ¿Por qué es tan baja la cifra de mexicanos que se naturalizan en Estados Unidos?

Raw Story, March 14, Trump inspiring Hispanics to become citizens- so they can vote against him

ThinkProgress, March 13, Massive Citizenship Campaign Could Upend Electoral Politics

Times of Israel, March 13, Latinos seek citizenship so they can vote against Trump

CNN Espanol, March 9, Donald Trump inspira a latinos a solicitar la ciudadanía para votar contra él

Fox News Latino, March 8, Latino immigrants applying for U.S. citizenship in record numbers thanks to Trump

International Business Times, March 8, US election 2016: More Latinos seek citizenship to vote against Donald Trump

New York Times, March 7, More Latinos seek citizenship to vote against Trump

Boston Globe (reprint)

Gawker, March 7, Trump Has Inspired Tens of Thousands of Immigrants to Apply for Citizenship- So They Can Vote Against Him

Daily Kos, March 7, Latinos rush to become citizens in time to vote against Donald Trump

Carbonated TV, March 7, Immigrants Rush to Apply for Citizenship With Hopes of Stopping Trump

Times Union, February 10, Senator to Cuomo: Offer IDs for undocumented immigrants

The Suffolk Times, January 11, Guest Spot: Immigrants should be embraced, not excluded

[/tab] [tab title=”2015″ id=”t3″ background_color=”#f4845e”][heading subtitle=””]2015[/heading]Reuters, December 22, 2015, Trump becomes poster boy for efforts to mobilize 2016 Latino voters

Vox, December 18, 2015, What immigration activists want from Hillary Clinton

NowThis, December 18, 2015, This is what candidates should be doing to support immigrants

NBC News, December 15, 2015, At Immigration Conference, Asian Americans Discuss Language Access, DACA Enrollment

Latin Post, December 15, 2015, Immigration News Today: Martin O’Malley Meets With Hunger Strikers, Immigrant Detainee Family

Newsday, December 15, 2016, Hillary Clinton spells out immigration plans in Brooklyn speech

Univision, December 15, 2015, Nueva York destinará casi 8 millones para brindar asistencia legal a inmigrantes

Politico, December 14, 2015, Cuomo targets nativists, recalls his immigrant roots

Wall Street Journal, December 14, 2015, Hillary Clinton Meets With an Undocumented Immigrant and His Family

New York Times, December 14, 2015, New York City to Aid Immigrants Amid Stalled National Reforms

Huffington Post, December 13, 2015, Steven Choi, Embracing Inclusion, Defeating Hate: The National Immigrant Integration Conference Ignites Conversations around Integration

NBC News, December 10, 2015, New National Campaign Urges Legal Residents to Naturalize, Vote

Houston Chronicle, November 20, 2015, High court asked to review Obama’s immigration plan

Washington Post, November 12, 2015, Immigration advocates aren’t letting a court ruling on deportations get in their way

International Business Times, November 12 2015, Obama Immigration Reform Update: Despite Appeals Court Ruling, Immigrant Advocates To Celebrate Policy Anniversary

Washington Post, October 19, 2015, What ever happened to Obama’s sweeping executive actions on immigration?

Huffington Post, September 23, 2015, Bob Annibale, Citizenship is an Economic Asset

NPR, September 18, 2015, The White House Plan That Could Get Millions Of Immigrants To Vote

New York Times, September 17, 2015, Julia Preston, White House Campaign Urges Legal Immigrants to Become (Voting) Citizens

The Legal Intelligencer, September 17, 2015, Stepping Up for Citizenship

Chicago Tribune, September 14, 2015, Eva Millona and Joshua Hoyt, A deeper debate on immigration is welcome

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Photo: Hortensia Villegas, center, with her husband, Miguel Garfío, her children, and her sister Silvia, outside a naturalization workshop put on by the Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition and local partners in Denver. Theo Stoomer for The New York Times.