The Cities for Citizenship (C4C) “America is Home” Initiative is a four-year, $5 million challenge grant program to help municipalities and community partners encourage U.S. citizenship among eligible immigrants and increase naturalization application rates. Our nation has always been a home to those seeking freedom, opportunity, and refuge from persecution. These new Americans have pursued their American Dreams; helped to build our nation; and continue to contribute with their hard work. When immigrants naturalize they have made an affirmative decision to study English, U.S. history and government, and swear allegiance to our Constitution. Naturalized citizens have higher income, generate more taxes, connect with their neighbors more easily, and assume their full rights and responsibilities in this country, to proudly say “America is Home”.

The C4C “America is Home” Initiative:

  • Provides two-year challenge grants of $25,000 and $40,000 annually
  • Encourages partnerships of Mayors and Municipalities with community-based organizations
  • Encourages local funding to match the challenge grants, and long-term sustainability
  • Builds the “learning community” of Cities for Citizenship (C4C)
  • Provide scholarships to grantees to attend the a C4C Convening at NPNA’s National Immigrant Integration Conference (NIIC) in December 2018
  • Increase citizenship outreach and application rates in AAPI communities
  • Develop effective outreach and communications plans
  • Make two-year grants in 2018, 2019, and 2020

Applicants should be a community-based organization with 501(c)(3) status, a labor organization, or a Mayor’s office. Cities that participate MUST BE current members of Cities for Citizenship (C4C), OR new municipalities that are committed to join C4C. To join C4C, please fill out this form HERE.


If your Organization or City is interested in applying for the America is Home 2019 - 2020 RFP, please reach out to Magaly Arteaga at & Sarah Mesick

About Cities for Citizenship (C4C) Initiative:

NPNA is a co-founder of the Cities for Citizenship (C4C) initiative, a major national initiative aimed at increasing citizenship among eligible U.S. permanent residents and encouraging cities across the country to invest in citizenship programs. C4C is a growing network of currently 42 cities and counties that is chaired by New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, and Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, with coordination run by the National Partnership for New Americans and the Center for Popular Democracy. Citi Community Development is the founding corporate partner who first invested in C4C in 2014.

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